Ready or not?

Continuity Services

How confident are you in your continuity?

Today's IT environments are more complex and more at risk than ever before. How confident are you that your plan will protect the continuity of your business? Disaster recovery and business continuity are fundamental IT requirements and mandatory by regulation in many industries—virtually all have some level of plan in place. But as demands and threats are increasing, budgets are shrinking. Most are looking for a way to get quick recovery at a realistic cost with built-in security assurances for peace of mind.

Cut time. Cut loss. Cut cost.

HPE designs and implements proven disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that help you gain a competitive advantage. Our robust continuity methods give you greater flexibility to improve business alignment so that you can reduce risk of disruption at a lower cost. With HPE Continuity Services you can:

  • Cut recover time by 90%
  • Cut data loss by 95% to 99%
  • Cut your cost by 15% to 65%

Continuity and security

Your business reputation is at risk every day

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Are you ready?

It depends on how you answer 6 questions

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Cloud-based continuity

Close the gap between traditional and cloud disaster recovery

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Ready or not?

The next business disruption is not a matter of if but when. With so much at stake, you need protection across your entire enterprise. HPE is a tried and tested partner dedicated to safeguarding the continuity of your business no matter the complex mix, size and scale of your IT environment.