Driving greater
brand engagement

NASCAR makes the most of every media channel to ensure
more meaningful engagements.

Using its new Fan and Media Engagement Center (FMEC) designed by HP, NASCAR drives measurement and insights from numerous forms of media – including television, radio, print, video, images, digital, and social media. Now NASCAR can ensure more effective engagement with fans, partners, and media in near real-time.

Only HP’s Interactive Media Command Center could help NASCAR maximize the full power of their information. With our portfolio of offerings from HP Enterprise Services, we apply expert approaches to real-time analytics so you can seize every opportunity to drive more effective brand engagement.

Discover what our comprehensive approach to information and analytics will do to heighten engagement for your brand.

NASCAR is revolutionizing fan and media engagement


NASCAR executives discuss their collaboration with HP to better serve fans, media and sponsors by creating the NASCAR Fan Media Engagement Center – a solution based on the HP Interactive Media Command Center that synthesizes big data in real-time.

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See NASCAR’s Fan and Media Engagement Center in Action


Get a behind the scenes look at the Fan and Media Engagement Center

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