The future of Navy IT today

About NMCI

Governments around the world turn to HP for the mission-focused experience and expertise needed to help reduce costs, streamline processes, and operate more efficiently. HP’s commitment to innovation, measurable value, and world-class expertise is what has helped make the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) a success. Read more about our history.

Who we are

For more than 10 years, HP and the Navy and Marine Corps have worked together, establishing and transforming the world’s largest and most secure intranet. Discover the team behind NMCI and learn more about our leadership. Learn more about us.

Next Generation Enterprise Network

On June 27, The HP NGEN Alliance was awarded the U.S. Department of the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract. With NGEN, HP will deliver long-anticipated changes, such as the Navy owning its IT network, along with new and innovative thinking coupled with more than a decade of experience building and operating their network. Learn more about NGEN.

Continuity of Services Contract

NMCI transitioned to the Continuity of Services Contract (CoSC) contract in 2010 to prepare for the next phase known as NGEN, the Next Generation Enterprise Network. CoSC retains the same scope of IT services that HP has provided the Navy and Marine Corps. Learn more about COSC.

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