The Art of the Possible


ENVISION is a global advisory practice that facilitates conversations to align IT and business strategies to enable clients to achieve their business goals. We help clients accelerate alignment through engagements that include facilitated and structured conversations, live visual illustrations, and co-creation of desired outcomes. The engagement helps to establish a shared understanding of the client's priorities, allowing for deepened relationships, discovery of increased business value, and strengthened partnerships.

The art of the possilbeWe have delivered over 200 engagements with global fortune 500 clients. We have touched over 275 clients worldwide, establishing ourselves as trusted partners to clients across a wide array of industries including, CME, Consumer, Energy, Global Public Sector, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Services, Transportation, and more and the practice has maintained an average NPS score of 70.


CollaborationPeople support what they help build. The mix of co-creation, the use of graphical capture, and seeing the output build during the day, results in deeper engagement and a high sense of ownership of the output of the day.

Transformational Design ThinkingCreating live visual illustrations allows clients to improve clarity and accelerate alignment around an idea, process, or shared vision.

Disruptive InnovationChanging the way we talk and think about the future and innovation helps accelerate alignment and action.

Integrated TeamsCo-creation with diverse teams and experts in various fields set the stage for a better understanding of the business challenge or opportunity and how to move forward faster.

Business OutcomesArticulating clients’ business outcomes and helping them visualize their future by removing ambiguity, clarifying the technology ask, and accelerating the value realization.

What is an ENVISION Engagement?

An ENVISION engagement is a one-day facilitated problem-solving approach that is a safe, casual, and creative environment where clients share their ideas, insights, and decisions that are captured visually in beautifully hand-drawn words and illustrations. The engagement allows leadership teams to come together to collaborate in order to identify, agree on, and execute around their business strategies and outcomes.

The value of an ENVISION engagement

ENVISION helps clients:

  • Find clarity to solve a problem or seize an opportunity
  • Agree upon strategic outcomes and big dividends among your leadership team
  • Gain understanding on the current reality of your organization and identify ideas for your future operating model
  • Create agreement on your strategy and future vision and generate a list of priorities and next steps in order to build and achieve it
  • Receive a detailed narrative that consolidates the strategic conversations of the engagement to take back to the rest of your organization to execute on your ideas

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What clients are saying

“You helped us look differently at problems we have.”
– Multi-national chemicals manufacturing corporation

“It almost feels like we created a new company.”
– Health Information Technology company

“The ENVISION session is unlike any other planning meeting that we do. It facilitates intimate engagement, provides a democratic, unhierarchical environment for sharing and starts with structure, but not a rigid agenda. Strategic planning is something we should do more of and continually.”
– Media and Entertainment company

“I came in skeptical, wondering what has Meg gotten me into. Today was fantastic, and scary because there‚Äôs lots of work to be done.”
– Transportation company

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“We have come away with a strong and well presented summary of where we are as a management group and what the challenges are ahead of us.”
– Public Transport Services company

“Envision Team is able to elevate the discussion to a strategic level - Team's knowledge of the Business & IT combined with right facilitation and Illustration gives an excellent result”
– Leading pharmaceutical company

“The program exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism and ability to capture the true spirit of the event.”
– Leading pharmaceutical company

“As I read [the deliverable that came out of the engagement], I could feel the excitement from the day coming back - just to think about how much was covered, what great alignment there was, the commitment and enthusiasm to taking [us] to something much more than it is today - really such a positive experience.”
– Global retail industry leader

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